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14 Minutes of SaaS

E04 Rick Stollmeyer – MINDBODY

E04 Rick Stollmeyer – MINDBODY

Rick Stollmeyer, is Co-Founder and CEO at MINDBODY. He started this in a garage in 2001. Way back then it was an app for boutique health & fitness businesses to manage the scheduling of their fitness classes. Now it’s the largest platform on the planet for the health and wellness industry. Rick feels people have a duty of care to themselves, their loved ones and society to improve their own health. This is the only company in series 1 over a decade old. MINDBODY is post IPO with a market value of $2 Billion. The interview was conducted just offstage in the WebSummit before Rick was about to speak – so watch out for the abrupt end!

“Everything in life gets better when you take care of yourself.”

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