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14 Minutes of SaaS

E08 Adi Azaria – Sisense

E08 Adi Azaria – Sisense

Adi Azaria is Co-founder and Chief Evangelist/Growth Hacker at Sisense. His company has raised $97M for its business analytics solution. Sisense prepares, analyses, and visualises complex datasets using one single-stack solution. Adi is largely self-taught in the software world and his defining quality is his penchant for solving problems – whether it’s simplifying the pain of data consumption, tackling kid’s cancer in the US, or successfully engineering a solution for his own son’s sleeplessness. Rather like LaunchDarkly’s Edith Harbaugh, Adi finds that your best ideas come when you are in a relaxed state of mind – whether mediating, walk, painting or doing sports. And like Algolia’s Nicolas Dessaigne he focuses on the link between company culture and hiring and retaining great people.

“I love people more than computers. I love the relationship between them, but I love people more.”

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